At GS-Companies, we excel in identifying top-tier talent, products, and manufacturers worldwide. Leveraging our extensive global network, we connect you with the best in the industry, eliminating the need for you to search. Our mission is to provide you with a diverse range of sustainable options, helping you reduce your reliance on fossil plastics, lower your CO2 footprint, and contribute to a healthier planet. We are dedicated to this mission every single day of the year.

It all started in 2002 when the first company was registered. At that time we built a supermarket business containing multiple branches. More recently , we decided to commit ourselves to help other entrepreneurs. In 2018 we opened another company for this purpose. Offering businesses the opportunity to profit from this years-long experience and built-up expertise.

In the last years, we specialized more and more in environmental services. Building our knowledge and network within the plant-based packaging and machinery industry. Finding the right manufacturers and like-minded people has been a daily task for us since 2019. Now we have a wide variety of services that can support our international clients. Check out our website and see what we can offer you.

Solving Environmental And Hygienic Challenges In Food Waste Processing

 We like to introduce you to a cutting-edge solution that promises to transform the way you manage food waste – the GS-Food Waste Digesters. As you navigate the challenges of food waste management, our digesters offer an innovative approach through their advanced enzymatic aerobic digestion technique.

Our digester’s expertise lies in its ability to break down food waste fast and efficiently through enzymatic aerobic digestion. This process harnesses the power of our special enzymes mixes in combination with our machine and a monitored process to transform complex organic compounds into simpler components.

Our newest industrial compostable products


Designed to address the growing issue of single-use product pollution in the medical industry, FDA-approved medical-grade gloves.

  • Maintains the same glove properties and shelf life as standard nitrile gloves, proven by real-time shelf life test results
  • BDG drop-in technology attracts microbes found in landfills to increase decomposition time, without leaving behind chemicals as seen in traditional nitrile gloves
  • BDG is integrated without compromising product quality, tensile strength and force exerted at break
  • Proven safe for use against skin according to ISO standards and food handling
  • Nitrile, powder-free gloves (latex free)


The only pharmacy bottles made with PLA while also meeting FDA guidelines.

  • 100% plant-based and biodegradable
  • Both dram and lid can be thrown away in household trash or recycled (#7)
  • Complete degradation when exposed to moisture and heat in 3-6 months
  • Takes 42% less energy than petroleum-based plastic to produce
  • 32% reduction in greenhouse gases compared to petroleum-based plastic
  • USP and CPSC compliant, protected from light,
  • Child-Resistant 
  • Senior-Friendly caps.


Bring an undisputed sustainable e-collar option to the veterinary industry for a better planet and greener animal healthcare.

  • Takes 42% less energy than petroleum-based plastic to produce
  • 32% reduction in greenhouse gases compared to petroleum based plastic
  • Attracts microbes found in landfills to decrease decomposition time without soil ecotoxicity
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Edges are sewn with natural cotton
  • Dye-free
  • Available in neck circumference sizes 6″ – 25″
  • Edges are sewn with natural cotton

Explore Our Consultancy Services

Let's make the Earth a better place. Lowering our CO2 footprint, creating less trash, and use less fossil plastic. Let us support you in the search for the right solution. GS-Companies consultancy services are here for you. Making the world a bit greener.

Green packaging

Material choices, End of life solutions, Regulation And Research, The right manufacturers.

Building a team

We will find the right team-members for your company.

Expanding internationally.

Does your company wants to start a EU office? Thinking of setting it up in the Netherlands?

Food and packaging waste solutions

Finding the right way to handle all food and compostable packaging waste within the company.

On-site management

Need eyes and ears on the job? Need someone you can trust that gives an honest feedback?

Creating networks - Sales support

Searching for resellers, manufacturers or potential clients?

Our Green Packaging projects

A peek into some of our projects. We believe that companies need to make a switch when we want to save the Earth. We believe plant-based compostable packaging Can be part of this switch. Is your company looking for an alternative to oil-based plastics for packaging your product?

With our extensive network in every corner of the plant-based packaging and environmental industry, you have a good chance of finding a plant-based packaging alternative.

Green packaging
wrapping compostable

The right compostable packaging (wrapping) to make a distribution centre plant-based.

PLA bottles production line

Setting up a PLA bottled water production line for a client in Western Europe.

Green packaging resin pla

One of our clients had to find a buyer for there overstock of plant-based resin.

recycling PLA

Finding a value added end of life for a 100% plant-based PLA product. 

compostable wrapping

Developing a 100% plant-based shrink wrap – compostable packaging. 

PLA bottles for Juice

Advising several juice companies that wanne switch to plant-based bottles.

Plant-based food service products

We are pleased to introduce our new line of compostable PLA food service products. Earth Maize™ is an exciting and innovative new addition to our GS-companies family. A new sustainable and eco-friendly tableware, take-out containers, and food packaging products.

NO PFAS added

Grease resistant
Moisture resistant
Microwave resistant
Freezer resistant

A plant-based food service product that is Grease, moisture, freezer and microwave resistant. It's industrial compostable and made without PFAS.

Contact us for more information

+3140 785 48 14

Plant-based foils - films

Most of the fossil based films and foils can be changed to a plant-based film. Ideal for films than can generate more food waste to the industrial composting facility. Made with a bio-degradable polymer, like PLA, PHA, combined with macro-molecule materials such as plant starch and cellulose.

Switching away from fossil plastic foils and films can support in less micro plastics, a lower CO2 footprint, less harmful chemicals in the environment and more food waste to the composting facilities. 

compostable bags
agriculture foil
plant-based packaging foil
plant-based compostable shrink wrap
pallet wrapping compostable
biodegradable wrapping
logo GS Food waste Digesters - composting machines - digesters - composteermachines - vergisters

Our GS-Food Waste Digesters

Join the growing number of food waste composter customers who are reconsidering their food waste management practices. Small, medium, and large businesses that serve a large number of people on a regular basis must figure out how to get rid of leftovers as quickly as possible.

Install our machines to fit the volume of food waste for each unique location. Ideal for Restaurants, catering, hotels, resorts, events, cruise lines, and hospitals.

PLA bottles

Why do we still make bottles from oil? Fossil plastic bottles create a large CO2 footprint, create microplastics, and will never leave the earth – so they eventually end up in landfills or littered in the environment. Let’s make bottles a different way — with plant-based material that has multiple end-of-life options.

We want to ensure that our PLA bottles are processed in the correct end-of-life solution. This way we/our clients create the highest environmental impact with our PLA bottles. That is why we have chosen to only use our plant-based bottles of water in closed-loop locations. This ensures that there is a controlled way to arrange the end-of-life waste stream.

Enzymes - alternatives for chemicals

Using enzymes instead of harmful chemicals in various industries and applications offers a multitude of benefits, both environmental and economic. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Environmental Friendliness: Enzymes are naturally occurring biological catalysts that facilitate chemical reactions without being consumed in the process. 

  2. Safety: Enzymes are generally safer to handle and use compared to harsh chemicals. This makes them ideal for industries such as agriculture, where workers and soil come into direct contact with agricultural inputs.

  3. Efficiency: Enzymes are highly specific in their action, targeting specific substrates and reactions. This specificity allows for more efficient and precise processes, resulting in higher yields, improved product quality, and reduced waste. 

  4. Versatility: Enzymes can be tailored to perform a wide range of functions, making them versatile for various industrial applications. Whether it’s breaking down organic matter in composting, enhancing biofuel production, improving soil quality in agriculture, or facilitating wastewater treatment, enzymes offer flexible solutions to diverse challenges.

  5. Sustainability: By replacing harmful chemicals with enzymatic alternatives, industries can contribute to sustainable practices and reduce their environmental footprint. Enzymes enable cleaner production processes, lower energy consumption, and reduced dependence on non-renewable resources, aligning with global sustainability goals and regulations.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: As awareness of environmental and health concerns grows, regulations governing the use of chemicals become stricter. Enzymes offer a compliant alternative, meeting regulatory requirements while still delivering effective results. 

  7. Consumer Preference: With increasing emphasis on eco-friendly products and corporate responsibility, consumers are more inclined to support companies that prioritize sustainability and use environmentally friendly alternatives. 


Welcome to our new Enzymatic product line. We work with a premier partner for enzymatic alternatives to harmful chemicals. We are committed to providing biotechnological solutions that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

We specialize in a wide range of industries and applications, including agriculture, composting, biofuels, sugar production, contamination remediation, specialized crop cultivation, algae management, soil remediation and stabilization, crude oil hydrocarbon processing, detergent and disinfectant formulation, distillery and brewery operations,  water treatment, animal feed production.

Our products meet international standards and protocols, and are produced in state-of-the-art facilities by highly qualified personnel. We adhere to stringent quality control standards and in-process quality assurance procedures to ensure the highest level of performance and safety.

Enzymatic alternatives for harmful chemicals

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