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connecting the kitchen digester
2 kitchen digesters in kitchen

Our Kitchen Digesters machines can digest up to 1,5 kilos of food waste per day. With our special Enzyme mix, food waste quickly turns into greywater. Easy to connect to the existing piping system. 

Connect our Kitchen Digesters under the sink or make a special place under the kitchen countertop to easily throw in the food waste. 
No more hassle with food waste any more. No more carrying leaking bags of garbage to the container. No more smell of rotting food. Just easily, on the spot composting of all your food waste into greywater. That discharge into the sewage system.

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How it works


food waste in the kitchen digester


inside kitchen digester


turning mechanisme kitchen digester


drawing kitchen digester


inside kitchen digester

Put food waste into the Kitchen Digesters

The BioChips and enzymes do their thing

The machine mix the food waste and BioChips

Water is added into the kitchen digesters

Greywater is discharged into the sewage

Our Kitchen Digesters are different

There are already several small food digesters on the market, but ours is different than the rest. 
Most small kitchen digesters need extra space on top of the kitchen countertop – Taking away valuable space in the kitchen and leaving less working space. Our Kitchen Digesters can be installed under the sink or under the kitchen countertop. So no precious space is lost in the kitchen. 

Besides this, all the other kitchen digesters have a solid compost as an end result, when composting food waste. A bucket full of compost that needs to be used our still needs to be thrown away into the garbage. Most people don’t have the need for all the compost these digesters produce. So it creates more hassle when wanting to compost food waste. Our Kitchen digesters generate liquid greywater as the end product.

Our digesters are connected to the existing sewage system where it easily discharges this liquid greywater. No hassle with finding a solution for solid compost – just put in the food waste and the machine does the rest. The greywater that goes into the sewage system will be used at the water cleaning facility to make bio-gas and material for energy production. 

Because our Kitchen Digesters are connected to the water supply, our machine will clean itself. And there is almost no cleaning and maintenance needed. Another benefit that our machine has over all the other small digesters on the market. 

The benefits of our digester

Easy to use

No Noise

Easy access

No odor

Directly into the sewage system

Low amount of water use

High quality material

Easy to install and low maintenance

Product specification

product specification kitchen digester

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