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In our effort to develop a new product offering that provides an environmentally responsible alternative to Polystyrene (PS) foam, we are pleased to introduce our new line of compostable PLA food service products. Earth Maize™ is an exciting and innovative new addition to our Earth-To-Go™ family of sustainable and eco-friendly tableware, take-out containers, and food packaging products.

Earth-To-Go™ began development of its new Earth Maize™ compostable PLA foam line of food service products in the summer of 2016 to bolster its already successful environmentally-friendly and sustainable line of compostable products. From field market research carried out by regional sales representatives, it is clear that there is considerable need for a viable product alternative to Polystyrene (PS) tableware, hinged take-out containers, and food service products used in meat, poultry, fish and produce packaging.

The development of the Earth Maize™ product line has provided a tremendous alternative to the ever increasing ban of Polystyrene (PS) used in the food service industry, and the adverse effects of its use on the environment and potential health effects on the consumer.

Our Earth Maize™ product line is a made with an PLA biopolymer resin that is used to produce an expanded PLA substrate that is 100% compostable, sustainable, and renewable. Earth Maize™ supermarket and processor trays are used in packaging meats, poultry, fish and fresh produce. Our Earth Maize™ compostable tableware and to-go clamshells provide a viable environmentally-friendly solution over traditional Polystyrene (PS) food service products.


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The benefits

Heat Stable up to 43C for storage and transport

Grease Resistant

Moisture Resistant

BPI-certified to meet ASTM D6400 and or D6868 standards

Annually Renewable & Sustainable

Cold Resistant to -20°C

Bio-Flash Technology Microwavable

Freezer Safe

Excellent Mechanical Strength

Produced 70% Less Green House Gas to Manufacture

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