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network building
network building

GS-Consultancy offers businesses the opportunity to profit from years-long experience and built up expertise. Our wide variety of national and international connections will make any project run smoothly. Since our start, we have supported a variety of companies on their road to success. GS-Consultancy can assist you in all your business projects. We will support all your temporary projects, ongoing projects, national projects, and international projects.

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Our Consultancy Services

Let's make the Earth a better place. Lowering our CO2 footprint, creating less trash, and use less fossil plastic. Let us support you in the search for the right solution. Our consultancy services are here for you. Making the world a bit greener.

Green packaging

Material choices, End of life solutions, Regulation And Research, The right manufacturers.

Building a team

We will find the right team-members for your company.

Expanding internationally.

Does your company wants to start a EU office? Thinking of setting it up in the Netherlands?

Food- packaging waste solutions

Finding the right way to handle all food and compostable packaging waste within the company.

On-site management

Need eyes and ears on the job? Need someone you can trust that gives an honest feedback?

Creating networks - Sales support

Searching for resellers, manufacturers or potential clients?

finding team members

Searching for the right people for your team? Need a trusted bookkeeper or laywer? Having trouble finding the right manager?

looking at the numbers

Want to lower the CO2 footprint of the company? Don’t know what to do with the different waste streams in your company? 


Need salespeople for your new product? Want to grow your network in the EU? Need to grow your clients in the Netherlands? 

Green packaging recycle 7 logo

Want to switch away from fossil plastic? Does your product need to be updated into a environmental friendly version?

network building

Do you know where to set up a Dutch Holding structure? In need of a local administrator for your business? 

analysing numbers

Need someone to run your business when you are absent? Searching for a honest, trustworthy stand-in? 

Want to know more about our services?

GS-companies owns several websites to inform you about the different services. Below are the different websites that are part of Global solutions.