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PLA Bottles – Changing petroleum-based bottles into plant-based bottles.
We represent a manufacturer of PLA bottles – preforms. Compostable and recyclable bottles for water, milk and juices. We believe in leaving future generations a healthier planet where consumer product packaging has a lower environmental impact, generates less waste, and is recyclable, compostable, and sustainable.
In 2004, the USA company started with the first-ever PLA milk bottle. In 2008, they switched to solving the problem of one of the most pollutant products in the world—— the petroleum plastic water bottle. The PLA bottles for juice and PLA milk bottles are the next logical products that will reduce the single-use plastic waste issues. Some of our plant-based preforms are still in development. If you have questions and would like to know more about the work that is underway, send us an email for more information.

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PLA bottle of water. plant-based bottle

Now available - PLA bottles of water

Are you interested in PLA bottles filled with water? We now can provide you with a ready-made product, a plant-based bottle of water. We have bottlers in the USA – Canada – Europe – the Gulf area – and South America that can provide you with this high-end product. Our bottles of water are available in 500ml and the blown bottle, label, and cap are made from plants. No toxic fossil plastic is used in this product. A product made with natural raw materials like sugarcane is according to us the best packaging for water.

Our PLA Bottles are different

Petroleum-based, single-use plastics such as bottles, caps, straws, and food utensils clog landfills and contaminate our landscapes and watersheds. We are dedicated to reducing the usage of environmentally-unsound, single-use plastics. We favor non-GMO, plant-based PLA, and PHA resins for manufacturing unique compostable preforms which make earth-friendly bottles.

PLA bottles can be disposed of through industrial composting, recycled, incinerated, or digested with food waste which converts the mash to greywater. We are looking for “closed-loop” venues which allow ‘point-of-use” collection of empty bottles and caps, which then will undergo proper end-of-life processing.

To get our compostable bottles on the market we work together with bottlers to covert the preforms to bottles, and fill them with superior water, which will offer consumers the “best water in the best bottle in the world”.

Our PLA bottles are ideal for:

restaurants ideal for food composters - food digesters -compostingmachines
cruise lines ideal for food composters
Cruise lines
theme parks ideal for food composters
Theme parks
hotels ideal for food composters
events ideal for food composters - food digesters -compostingmachines
nursing homes ideal for food composters - food digesters -compostingmachines
Nursing homes Hospitals
sport stadiums ideal for food composters - food digesters -compostingmachines
Sport events - stadiums
remote lodges ideal for food composters - food digesters -compostingmachines
Remote lodges
resorts ideal for food composters - food digesters -compostingmachines
universities ideal for food composters - food digesters -compostingmachines

Our different bottles

PLA bottles - plant-based biodegradable water bottles
pla water bottles - biodegradable bottles

PLA water bottles

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with just producing plant-based bottles. We want to ensure that our bottles are disposed of in a responsible way, and that’s why we have made the decision to only use our PLA bottles in closed-loop locations. Our goal is to collect 90% of our bottles 90% of the time so that they can be processed properly.

We recognize that traditional retail channels can make it difficult to create a good end-of-life solution for plant-based bottles. PET bottles are usually recycled separately or sorted out among household waste in these channels, and a PLA recycling flow has not yet been developed in most countries around the world. This is because the amount of PLA waste is still too small to be a significant factor. Furthermore, there is a lot of miscommunication about how to deal with plant-based packaging in the waste stream, with some people believing that every plant-based packaging simply composts in the wild. This is not the case, as different plant-based packaging materials have different composting requirements. Our compostable water bottles, for instance, require industrial composting facilities for proper decomposition.

For these reasons, we have decided not to sell our biodegradable bottles with water in normal retail channels. Instead, we focus on closed-loop venues where we can collect and properly process the bottles. If you are interested in switching to a more sustainable bottle for your brand or company, please contact us. We are happy to explore the possibilities of using our PLA bottles in a closed-loop system to help your organization embrace the 21st century of environmental awareness.

Compostable milk bottles

Back in 2004, our CEO was struck by a curious thought at the start of the dairy production line. He pondered, “Why are organic and all-natural products packaged in petroleum bottles? Why isn’t there a plant-based alternative?” This sparked a search for a solution, leading to the discovery of PLA as a 100% plant-based bioplastic that is free from petroleum and other harmful substances.

We believe that our company may have been the first in the world to develop plant-based PLA compostable milk bottles more than 15 years ago. Yet to this day, we still wonder why organic and natural products are still packaged in petroleum bottles. There was never any logic behind it, and there still isn’t.

By using PLA bottles to package milk, yogurts, drinking yogurts, and other similar products, a 100% natural end product can be achieved. Our compostable milk bottles are 100% compostable in an industrial composting facility and free from toxic packaging, ensuring that your natural product remains pure. We believe there are countless benefits to using our PLA bottles, such as reducing your CO2 footprint and adding value to your product line.

Our bottles offer a variety of end-of-life solutions, setting your company apart from the crowd. They can be safely incinerated if they end up in an incinerator, and if a PLA recycler is available, they can be recycled perfectly as mono-stream PLA. Moreover, we can supply full bottle plant-based shrink sleeves, making the entire bottle a means of communication to the customer.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of our compostable milk bottles for your company and brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

compostable milk bottles
PLA bottle for milk
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Plant-based juice bottles


We believe in natural juices in natural packaging, and what’s more natural than a plant-based product in a plant-based bottle? That’s why we offer PLA bottles and compostable caps as an alternative to petroleum plastic for juice producers. We are currently finalizing the development of a 33mm cap and a 38mm preform to provide compostable juice bottles for different sizes of fruit and vegetable juices.

Our plant-based juice bottles offer a 100% natural end product with no toxic packaging. They are 100% compostable in an industrial composting facility, safe to incinerate, and recyclable as mono-stream PLA at a specialized PLA recycler. We can also supply full bottle shrink sleeves that are 100% plant-based, allowing for optimal use of marketing and communication to customers.

In addition, we have developed a compostable closure after five years of trial and error. Our biodegradable water bottles, caps, and labels are now 100% plant-based and can be processed in recycling, compost installations, boilers, and/or possibly digested in a digester that has been in continued research and development for almost a decade. Our PCO1810 preform and closure is ready for mass production, offering a 23.5-gram preform with a 28mm neck suitable for 500 ml bottles.

If you are interested in moving towards plant-based packaging for your juice production, please contact us to learn more about our compostable juice bottles and caps.

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